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The history of the building Hotel Praha dates back to year 1879, when the plat with a house was bought by a businessman Gustav Geling. He had the building demolished and built a neo-renaissance hotel there in 1883, which included for instance a restaurant and richly decored hall. In 1910, a young official, later a worldwide writer Franz Kafka came to spend a few nights. Family Geling sold the hotel in 1944 to Mr. Winkler, and since 1945, it was run by Jan Semerád, who changed the name to Hotel Praha and who had it seized later.

A state company Restaurace a jídelny (Restaurants and eaterys) than run the hotel until 1990. Meanwhile, in 1968, the first stripper in the socialist Czechoslovakia stripped down here. After the Velvet Revolution, the building started to go to the bad and in the last phase of this state it even becames a vietnamese market. Subsequently it was aucted in judicial auction. Then the hotel was succesfully saved and reconstructed by obtaining a european dotation ROP Severovýchod (68.4 mil CZK / 2.54 mil EUR). Then a judicial auction was needed again. In years 2015/2016, the present owner made steps leading to making the object suitable for the people of Jablonec nad Nisou to have the option, after more than 25 years, to use or visit the historical monument.

Reopened historical hall


This Neo-Renaissance historical hall, including its facilities, is a perfect place for a wide spectrum of social events, such as balls, dancing classes, company events, celebrations or weddings.


Since there is an option for the stage to be lowered to 40 cm (15.7 in), and therefore to be transformed into a catwalk, the hall is also ideal for a fashion show and similar events to take place in. There is a lockable backstage available.


The representative look of the hall elevates the level of the conferences or company events taking place there, accentuated by the original atmosphere of more than a 125 years old hall.

It is ideal for associations or political parties.


Well known acoustics of the hall makes it a perfect place for concerts with live or reproduced music, choirs, school events etc.


Fully equipped non-smoking bar with crew, ventilation, facilities, staff entrance, two Full HD TVs with live stream from the hall and TV programmes etc.


The lobby is the center of Kulturní centrum Hotel Praha, which connects the hall with the bar. The barrier-free lift, toilets, cloakroom and both main and side entrances are accessible form there.

There are also snack tables for the guests, then there is a minibar with a sink and a refrigerator too.

Tables and chairs may be installed into the lobby without using the hall, which makes the small hall with the capacity of 20-50 sitting guests. As an alternative, there is an option to connect it with the bar, or to to just use the minibar.


There are many possibilities of using this room, such as using it for a photo wall, like a lounge for up to 30 guests with tables and chairs, or as a room for performing artists or guests.

It is also possible to connect it with the main bar.

We also offer to choose additional services according to your individual preferences. There is an option to have a cloakroom with staff, organizing service, a mobile bar without staff, hall sound solution with video projection and an option to record and/or stream events, rental of a show-case in the building's passage, parking places, separated internet connection for the organizers, backstage for performers, an event photo wall, a photographer, video report, optional arrangement of the tables, chairs and the stage, or a cleaning service after events.

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